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Title University of Western States: Full-Time Tenure Track Radiology Faculty
Description Posted 1.11.18. This full-time, tenure track position primarily involves lecture and/or laboratory instruction in clinical application of diagnostic imaging modalities and interpretation. The radiology faculty member prepares students to: recognize normal and abnormal radiographic anatomy, formulate a diagnosis/es supported history, examination, and other appropriate diagnostic finding, apply best practice and utilize evidence informed strategies in the justification and acquisition of diagnostic imaging on conditions encountered in practice, develop a radiographic findings report, utilize radiographic diagnostic studies and recognize the need for consultations and referrals when appropriate. identify appropriate case management strategies, and achieve course and program learning outcomes, in addition to accreditation competencies. Such instruction introduces and develops the knowledge, skill, critical thinking and professionalism necessary for graduating students to function as an evidence-informed doctor of chiropractic. Please find more information at